14 Oct 08 Sunfestival at WestWorld of Scottsdale, Arizona

A Weekend Of Star Power, Music And Innovation with the environment-themed Sun Festival Southwest.SunFestival inspires change through a dynamic and evocative sun- and fun-filled educational weekend that addresses the social and environmental challenges of our times.Sun Festival Southwest’s mission is to inspire change through a dynamic and evocative educational weekend that addresses the environmental and social challenges of our time. 50 Workshops, 200 Exhibitors and Dynamic Keynote Speakers (including Hollywood Celebrities Ed Begley Jr. & Wendie Malick).Sun Festival Southwest celebrates renewable energy and healthy living with a variety of exhibits and features. The event will take place at WestWorld on Saturday, April 30, and Sunday, May 1.

22 May 12 Holiday Accomodation at Cornwall

Cornwall features a sub-tropic atmosphere and a mild climate throughout the year. It is a place to pause and enjoy water sports. It is also one of the most sought after vacation spots in the UK. This area lies in the Southwestern part of the island, forming a peninsula. Several small towns lie on the coast. These are quaint and picturesque, with cobblestone streets, colorful shops and small town enchantment. The visitor can find great accomodations, which can range from the affordable, to the pricey and luxurious. There’s an option for every taste and every need. The landscape and the views around the area are just worth the expense.

Accomodation at Devon, Cornwall: There are some world class lodgings at Devon. It is reknowned as being one of the top destinations for the luxury hunters. Hotels are suited with excellent restaurants. The cuisine is top-class at many of them. They are also quiet and restful, catered for the vacationer. People who bring their yachts to the peninsula can find easy access to the services at the port towns, which are superb. There are specialized shops and hotels that cater to the sailing needs of their guests. All in all, Devon is a place where the best of many worlds merge. There’s art, and food, sea life, music, intensity and joy.

01 Feb 12 Spending Holidays in Sicily

To spend the holidays in Sicily is to go to somewhere far from the noise of the big cities. Sicily is the island that is kicked by the tip of the boot that Italy is. Sicilians tend to feel that they themselves are more Italian than contrypeople from the continent. Others say that they’re a totally different breed. They’re Italians, but improved. Be it one way or the other, spending the holidays in Sicily is going to one of the most picturesque and even magical places in the world.
It is no wonder vacationers are looking more and more into this island as a preferred getaway destination. They find it an excellent vacation investment.

At Home in Sicily during the Holidays: If the traveller plans to travel with a small family, renting a home in Sicily is not a bad idea. Services are pretty good and affordable. Homes have the basic features: bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen. They usually come completely furnished, including kitchenware. Families who are more comfortable cooking themselves and handling their own living space find it a great choice. The good thing about this option, is that living in an Italian town for the holidays is an experience in itself. The culture is compelling, colorful and even chic. Children love the liveliness of the people. They will find that the experience is more than just fun. The sharing of different cultures is what makes it all worth the while, special.

20 Nov 11 The Guangzhou City hotels

Guangzhou city has a number of good hotels with four or five star ratings at quite reasonable rates. The tariff is tourist friendly and meant not to place undue burden on the pocket of the traveler. The White Swan Hotel is on 1 Southern Street on Shamian Island in Guangzhou. It has a five star rating with tariffs starting at $97 a night. The Garden Hotel of Guangzhou is a five star luxury hotel situated in the district of Huanshi Dong Lu at just five miles from the Baiyun Airport. The charges per night are $132. The Dong Fang Hotel is near the Trade Fair Exhibition Center at a distance of about twenty miles from Baiyun Airport. With a five star rating, the charges are one hundred and eight dollars per night. Four star rated Guangdong Victory Hotel is a boon for the economy traveler. It charges just sixty-eight dollars per night and is located about half a mile from the Xiquan city center and the Quingping Free Market Center.


The Phoenix Hotel in Guangzhou City: The Phoenix City Hotel is one of the best hotels in Guangzhou city and is located on the Guangzhou city map. It has been built on the platinum five star standard and houses two hundred and seventy five rooms and suites constructed in architecture design which is typically classical European in style. You can enjoy the most relaxing atmosphere in landscaped gardens, surrounded by a crystal clear lake and green covered mountains. A free pick up of guests is offered if the itinerary with details of the flight and stay at the hotel is informed in advance. Checks in and check out timings are 1200 to 1200. Export Commodities Fairs are held from April 14th to 30th and October 15th to 31st each year. During this time the hotel requires guests who make advance bookings, over the phone or email etc., to fax copies of both sides of their credit cards for confirmed bookings.

05 Mar 11 Renting for the Holidays in Sicily (Italy)

Villas at Sicily during the Holidays: People travelling in large groups (3 or four families), can find their money’s worth by renting a villa. Also, if the traveller has money to burn, this is a great option to be in a secluded, exclusive area. Villas in Sicily tend to be quite large, sometimes being part of a farm. The accomodations are something our of this world. Decoration, architecture, lighting… all have been taken care of in painstaking detail. Every aspect of the stay has been prepared to suit all the special needs of the guests.
Families that arrive with children will find that for the little ones, its almost a magical experience. After all, they’re spending time in a place that’s been almost taken out of storybooks.

Renting for the holidays at any place in the world can be difficult and demanding. It is the same in Sicily. As the dates get nearer, the prices tend to increase. There are great websites and online brokers that cater for most choices. The traveller should look into booking a home or a villa at least with six months anticipation prior to the date of the trip. This will help the buyer get a better price. It also will take away the heat of last minute travel expenses. The last thing a vacationer must feel is stress. That is left to the rest of the days of the year, filled with work, tensions and other fun stuff.